4 Steps to Meet Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guide, spiritual, how to connect, psychiWe all have a team of beings supporting us whether we consciously know it or not. For those of you who want to get to know them and work with them I am here to help and support you in doing just that. And to let you know that it is easier than you might think!

Everyone of us can connect in with them. It is only our thoughts that block us from allowing a connection to come through.

Usually these blocking thoughts are ones of doubt such as; I’m just making this up, you have to be a psychic to talk to guides/spirits, I’m just going crazy, Is this real? I’m just talking to myself, I feel stupid…. blah blah blah. I’m sure you can even come up with a few doubting thoughts of your own, and yes no-one is going to be able to tell you definitively that you are not just talking to yourself, but what have you got to lose? And you know what? The words and messages you receive back might just help your life!

Don’t let doubt get in the way of expanding your mind!

Which brings me to step one…

Step 1. Put doubt aside.
This is the biggest and most important point. Lay your doubts and skepticism aside, even just for this activity. Say to yourself, any doubting thought that comes into my mind I am going to put to one side for now and come back to later. In this one activity I am just going to give myself the benefit of the doubt and assume I am doing it.

Step 2. Set your intention.
This is where you decide you want to connect in with your guide. I do this by closing my eyes and taking a few deeps breaths, then I call out to my guide three times in my mind (feel free to speak these words out loud – if you are home alone:) with the words: I now call in my guide. Or something to that effect.

Step 3. Say Thank You.
Here is where you just assume your guide has come to you and is connecting in with you. You move into a deeper place of connection by completely throwing out all doubt and moving into a place of gratitude. Your mind switches from asking is anything happening, to if it was happening, then what is it? You look for clues and signs as opposed to evidence for failure.

Step 4. Ask a question and wait.
Ask anything you like, such as asking how you should refer to your guide – a name to call them by. Or asking them how long they have been with you. Start simple and work your way up to more in depth questions, once you have a good connection.

A good point to note is don’t discount the experience just because you can’t see your guide with your normal vision. We communicate with beings through many different methods so once you have asked your question just wait and be present for all the different ways we can receive communication; you might not hear a voice, but you might see your guide with your third eye, or you might communicate through knowing they are there and knowing what they are saying to you, or you might hear a voice within your head. Once you find out how you connect in best, such as by feeling, knowing, seeing and/or hearing you can start your connections off in that way, and then over time you will most likely communicate through several different modes.

Just allow the conversation to take place and notice any changes that you feel throughout your body, mind and in your energy. These will all serve as signs for you that there is a being present with you. For example; I always get shivers up and down my spine 3 or 4 times when I call them in, and now I recognise those feeling as a sign they have arrived.

This experience will be different for each person so go with whatever you get back, it might not feel like much at the start or it might be intense for you, but either way roll with whatever comes back without blocking with doubt.

I will expand on this in future posts, but this should give you enough to get started.

Be brave and give it a go 🙂 You might be surprised at what you get back!


5 thoughts on “4 Steps to Meet Your Spirit Guide

  1. Love this! I’ve recently started asking questions in my meditation and found I receive immediate answers – in my own voice. I’ve considered that I’m only answering my own questions but then we talk to ourselves everyday anyway it’s no different. I am always mindful to thank whoever/whatever provided me with the responses whether they’re my guides or my intuition.
    Thanks so much for sharing your post with us readers x


    1. That’s fantastic! Thank you for sharing your story, because I think so many people just assume they won’t be able to do it and so don’t even give it a try. So many things are easier than we think they’ll be – we just have to give ourselves a chance!

      You can receive great guidance and wisdom regardless of what package it comes in.


  2. I love your post, and have gone through pretty much the same arguing with my intellect– then denying the help and guidance. I think you are right on in your steps to meet your spirit guides. I’m recommending your post to a friend who I think will enjoy it also looking forward to more. Helen


    1. Thank you so much! Yes our experiences can be amazing when we just lay to rest our rational, over questioning minds!

      So glad you stopped by and thank you so much for recommending this post to a friend!

      Warm wishes,


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