Take The Loop Track

Mindfulness, Relax, unwind, New Zealand, Inspiration, Holiday
Kaitoke Regional Park, New Zealand

How often do you feel your bare feet cushioned by the cool grass? How often do you kick your clothes off and swim in a lake or river? How often do you stop everything to listen to the sound of leaves rustling in the wind?

Today I explored Kaitoke Regional Park just outside of Wellington, New Zealand. And as I walked along the trail, breathing in the forest air, I could feel my body and mind letting go more and more with every step.

Firstly, I noticed I was walking quickly. Not stopping to take the loop tracks because that would just take longer… But what was wrong with it taking longer? The purpose of the adventure was the walk! So I started taking the loop tracks, winding round and round and then emerging sometimes 30 minutes later back at the same section of the main track.

And it was brilliant!

It really got me thinking; how often are we looking for shortcuts, time savers, and quicker options? Our lives are full of them. But what are we all rushing for? Aren’t we here to live – to experience this wondrous playground and to smell the bloody roses? Well, I am.

So why not leave your phone at home and go explore somewhere you’ve never been. Take a different route to work, get off a few stops early and meander the back streets, kick your shoes off at the park, do something different to what you did yesterday or last weekend, and experience more of life!

Inspiration, Life,            Sharon Cavill, Mindfulness, Meditation, Relax, New Zealand, Holiday


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