Guaranteed Success; My Answer To Yesterday’s Question

Success, Dreams, Happiness, After pondering yesterday’s question (What would you do if you knew you would succeed 100%?) I felt excitement buzzing through my body. What an idea!

But is it just an idea?

If you started something and continued doing it spurred on from a deeper, unwavering knowing that you were going to succeed, wouldn’t you have to be right? And imagine the high vibrational energy you would fuel into the task along the way!

The more I pondered this question the more my fears began to present. There are things I would do, and some that I am already doing, however the one that stood out the most was; I would be a writer… but… the road blocks appeared thick and fast. Fears, limitations, and restrictions were presenting – even to this hypothetical proposition. So I drew my attention back to the original question;
What would I do if I knew I would succeed 100%?

I would be a writer.

I would send my manuscript off to the publisher. I would express myself more freely on my blog. I would write articles and send them away to magazines, other blogs, websites…

So I have my answer. It was a squeeze to get out, but it arrived nonetheless.

After saying it out loud it was blatantly evident that the only thing holding me back were my thoughts. Fear-based thoughts in which I doubt myself, my abilities, my worth. And this is great to know because my thoughts are completely in my power and I have the ability to change them at any moment.

Using the power of the original question I am going to focus on what I really want, as well as be more vigilant with my thoughts, and not let doubt hold me back.


3 thoughts on “Guaranteed Success; My Answer To Yesterday’s Question

  1. When I wrote my first book (18-years ago) I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I just knew that I wanted to write and that I could write. So with no formal training or guidance I plunged into my first manuscript then wrote up a not so good book proposal and sent it off to McGraw-Hill. Two-months later I was shockingly surprised when I got a letter from a McGraw-Hill acquisitions editor telling me they would love to publish my book.

    That was it; I had hit the big time right out of the gate. Was it sheer luck? It might have been, but it taught me a very valuable lesson for the rest of my life, which is: If you think you can do it…you can do it – as long as you override your own fear and doubts.

    I have no doubt that you already have!

    Good blog!


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