Meditation; It’s Not What You Think

Meditation, Healing, Relax, Journey, shaman, spirit guides, angels, In the past meditation has received a great wrap, but it has also received a pretty bad one too.

People seem to be aware of the amazing benefits meditation can bring into your life, however most people haven’t experienced this first-hand because they also believe meditation is hard and boring.

I know this first-hand because that was also my experience of meditation. The chatter in my mind would continue and lure my attention away so easily that it felt impossible to sit and silence my mind.

It wasn’t til years later that I realised there are other ways to meditate! You don’t have to just silence your mind, you can focus and engage your mind too and still enjoy the amazing benefits gained from regular meditation. And now I know this from first-hand experience.

These days I love to meditate and set time aside each day for my practice. I also run meditation classes and educate people on what I view as meditation for people living in our modern day society.

These meditations stimulate your mind and draw your focus deeply within. The style of meditation I am talking about is guided journeys. These are sensory experiences which connect you with your higher self, whisking you away from the complexities of your life for a spiritual experience of deep connection.

Once people experience enough guided journeys they can embark on these journeys themselves, starting with short journeys and then moving to longer and deeper experiences. Through this style of meditation you can meditate for long periods of time without even realising the time has gone by.

The journeys are limitless and often have an intention set, such as healing your heart, meeting and conversing with your spirit guide, gaining insight and awareness about an aspect of your life, cutting cords, releasing energy, clarity for decision making, experiencing oneness and the list goes on and on.

By incorporating meditation into your life, you can feel peace in your mind not only when you meditate but in your regular everyday life – your waking life.

To have a go visit; Waking Life Meditations


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