4 Steps to Meet Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guide, spiritual, how to connect, psychiWe all have a team of beings supporting us whether we consciously know it or not. For those of you who want to get to know them and work with them I am here to help and support you in doing just that. And to let you know that it is easier than you might think!

Everyone of us can connect in with them. It is only our thoughts that block us from allowing a connection to come through.

Usually these blocking thoughts are ones of doubt such as; I’m just making this up, you have to be a psychic to talk to guides/spirits, I’m just going crazy, Is this real? I’m just talking to myself, I feel stupid…. blah blah blah. I’m sure you can even come up with a few doubting thoughts of your own, and yes no-one is going to be able to tell you definitively that you are not just talking to yourself, but what have you got to lose? And you know what? The words and messages you receive back might just help your life!

Don’t let doubt get in the way of expanding your mind!

Which brings me to step one…

Step 1. Put doubt aside.
This is the biggest and most important point. Lay your doubts and skepticism aside, even just for this activity. Say to yourself, any doubting thought that comes into my mind I am going to put to one side for now and come back to later. In this one activity I am just going to give myself the benefit of the doubt and assume I am doing it.

Step 2. Set your intention.
This is where you decide you want to connect in with your guide. I do this by closing my eyes and taking a few deeps breaths, then I call out to my guide three times in my mind (feel free to speak these words out loud – if you are home alone:) with the words: I now call in my guide. Or something to that effect.

Step 3. Say Thank You.
Here is where you just assume your guide has come to you and is connecting in with you. You move into a deeper place of connection by completely throwing out all doubt and moving into a place of gratitude. Your mind switches from asking is anything happening, to if it was happening, then what is it? You look for clues and signs as opposed to evidence for failure.

Step 4. Ask a question and wait.
Ask anything you like, such as asking how you should refer to your guide – a name to call them by. Or asking them how long they have been with you. Start simple and work your way up to more in depth questions, once you have a good connection.

A good point to note is don’t discount the experience just because you can’t see your guide with your normal vision. We communicate with beings through many different methods so once you have asked your question just wait and be present for all the different ways we can receive communication; you might not hear a voice, but you might see your guide with your third eye, or you might communicate through knowing they are there and knowing what they are saying to you, or you might hear a voice within your head. Once you find out how you connect in best, such as by feeling, knowing, seeing and/or hearing you can start your connections off in that way, and then over time you will most likely communicate through several different modes.

Just allow the conversation to take place and notice any changes that you feel throughout your body, mind and in your energy. These will all serve as signs for you that there is a being present with you. For example; I always get shivers up and down my spine 3 or 4 times when I call them in, and now I recognise those feeling as a sign they have arrived.

This experience will be different for each person so go with whatever you get back, it might not feel like much at the start or it might be intense for you, but either way roll with whatever comes back without blocking with doubt.

I will expand on this in future posts, but this should give you enough to get started.

Be brave and give it a go 🙂 You might be surprised at what you get back!


When Is Your One Day?

One day I’ll be happy. One day I’ll feel fulfilled. One day I’ll be successful.
One day I’ll have peace in my life. One day I’ll be joyful.

Let’s stop saying one day…

You are peace, you are joy, you are love right now.
At any moment you can find and feel these energies within you,
no matter what is going on around you.

Find your peace within.

Marianne Williamson, Spirit, Ego, Love, Happiness, Happy

Wake Up Sleepy Giant

Confidence, Happy, Oneness, fear, anxietyI feel it sometimes; the vigour, the unstoppable life force within me. And when I feel it I know I can do anything. I am excited at the possibilities life dishes up and I am buzzing with limitless energy. I feel it when I sit before a client, I feel it when I am in the flow of writing, I feel it when I hike up a hill or mountain, I feel it when I swim in the ocean.

But I don’t always feel it.

I know you can though, and that is my journey of discovery. I know I am on the right path when I truly recognise my magnificence. The utter magnificence that we all are. But then I seem to forget.

It is when I forget that I get tired, or frustrated, or angry. It is when I forget that I am no longer alight with passion and fire.

It is okay though to forget, because as soon as I realise I have forgotten I can wake up once more. There is no need to berate or punish myself for forgetting, that would defeat the whole purpose. I just remember once more.

And I will do this again and again until I am awake.

By Sharon Cavill
Heal, Love & Live Magnificently!

Your Ideal 2014 Starts Now

2014, intention, goals, success, dreams, January

It’s time to get clear about your intentions.
The New Year is almost upon us and
let’s make 2014 the year where our dreams come true.
Did you know the biggest hurdle between you and your dreams and aspirations
is that you are not clear about what you want?

We usually know what we don’t want;
but we’re not focusing our attention on what we want.

Why not spend December creating your list for 2014.
Think about what you want to achieve, create and be a part of.

What does your ideal 2014 look like?

Take The Loop Track

Mindfulness, Relax, unwind, New Zealand, Inspiration, Holiday
Kaitoke Regional Park, New Zealand

How often do you feel your bare feet cushioned by the cool grass? How often do you kick your clothes off and swim in a lake or river? How often do you stop everything to listen to the sound of leaves rustling in the wind?

Today I explored Kaitoke Regional Park just outside of Wellington, New Zealand. And as I walked along the trail, breathing in the forest air, I could feel my body and mind letting go more and more with every step.

Firstly, I noticed I was walking quickly. Not stopping to take the loop tracks because that would just take longer… But what was wrong with it taking longer? The purpose of the adventure was the walk! So I started taking the loop tracks, winding round and round and then emerging sometimes 30 minutes later back at the same section of the main track.

And it was brilliant!

It really got me thinking; how often are we looking for shortcuts, time savers, and quicker options? Our lives are full of them. But what are we all rushing for? Aren’t we here to live – to experience this wondrous playground and to smell the bloody roses? Well, I am.

So why not leave your phone at home and go explore somewhere you’ve never been. Take a different route to work, get off a few stops early and meander the back streets, kick your shoes off at the park, do something different to what you did yesterday or last weekend, and experience more of life!

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Life Is About…

Celebrate, individual, unique, special, self-love, acceptance

In my world, we are the crayons. We share an essence however each of us are shining a different light out to the world. Often we learn to hold back our light and dim it’s brightness. And sometimes even when you have embraced your unique light you may have felt at that moment that you were different to everyone else, however what is really going on in that moment is unity.
It is when you embrace your individual uniqueness that you complete the whole.
The magnificent rainbow of light is formed.

If we can all just embrace our uniqueness then our light will shine boldly.
And it is the light of a bold spirit that inspires the same in others.

Free Yourself From Fear, Doubt & Self-Criticism

cute cat, fears, release, energy, confidence, creativity, loveI have a simple technique that allows all of my fears, worries, doubts, self-criticism and concerns to fall away. This simple technique is my answer to everything. I can tell you the word, the name I give it; but it is all about experiencing it for yourself. Words mean nothing by themselves. Labels are just a jumble of symbols placed in an order. There is nothing if there is no experience, no feeling, no personal meaning behind the symbols.

But I will still share with you what it is for me, and offer an explanation of the meaning in my experience.

The answer is Oneness. Oneness is remembering that I am not separate from you and that you cannot help but love me because I am you, and you are me. Even if you speak harshly to me, I know that is no different to when I speak harshly to myself. I know that under all of the words, the frustrations, the judgements that you love me. And that I love me.

When I remember this I feel safe. When I remember this I feel supported and encouraged to express myself because I know you have my back. I know even if you criticise me you are just speaking from your fears and doubts and worries. I know that deep down you just want the best for me, because that is what you want for you.

When I remember there is no separation I can do anything.

Guaranteed Success; My Answer To Yesterday’s Question

Success, Dreams, Happiness, After pondering yesterday’s question (What would you do if you knew you would succeed 100%?) I felt excitement buzzing through my body. What an idea!

But is it just an idea?

If you started something and continued doing it spurred on from a deeper, unwavering knowing that you were going to succeed, wouldn’t you have to be right? And imagine the high vibrational energy you would fuel into the task along the way!

The more I pondered this question the more my fears began to present. There are things I would do, and some that I am already doing, however the one that stood out the most was; I would be a writer… but… the road blocks appeared thick and fast. Fears, limitations, and restrictions were presenting – even to this hypothetical proposition. So I drew my attention back to the original question;
What would I do if I knew I would succeed 100%?

I would be a writer.

I would send my manuscript off to the publisher. I would express myself more freely on my blog. I would write articles and send them away to magazines, other blogs, websites…

So I have my answer. It was a squeeze to get out, but it arrived nonetheless.

After saying it out loud it was blatantly evident that the only thing holding me back were my thoughts. Fear-based thoughts in which I doubt myself, my abilities, my worth. And this is great to know because my thoughts are completely in my power and I have the ability to change them at any moment.

Using the power of the original question I am going to focus on what I really want, as well as be more vigilant with my thoughts, and not let doubt hold me back.

Meditation; It’s Not What You Think

Meditation, Healing, Relax, Journey, shaman, spirit guides, angels, In the past meditation has received a great wrap, but it has also received a pretty bad one too.

People seem to be aware of the amazing benefits meditation can bring into your life, however most people haven’t experienced this first-hand because they also believe meditation is hard and boring.

I know this first-hand because that was also my experience of meditation. The chatter in my mind would continue and lure my attention away so easily that it felt impossible to sit and silence my mind.

It wasn’t til years later that I realised there are other ways to meditate! You don’t have to just silence your mind, you can focus and engage your mind too and still enjoy the amazing benefits gained from regular meditation. And now I know this from first-hand experience.

These days I love to meditate and set time aside each day for my practice. I also run meditation classes and educate people on what I view as meditation for people living in our modern day society.

These meditations stimulate your mind and draw your focus deeply within. The style of meditation I am talking about is guided journeys. These are sensory experiences which connect you with your higher self, whisking you away from the complexities of your life for a spiritual experience of deep connection.

Once people experience enough guided journeys they can embark on these journeys themselves, starting with short journeys and then moving to longer and deeper experiences. Through this style of meditation you can meditate for long periods of time without even realising the time has gone by.

The journeys are limitless and often have an intention set, such as healing your heart, meeting and conversing with your spirit guide, gaining insight and awareness about an aspect of your life, cutting cords, releasing energy, clarity for decision making, experiencing oneness and the list goes on and on.

By incorporating meditation into your life, you can feel peace in your mind not only when you meditate but in your regular everyday life – your waking life.

To have a go visit; Waking Life Meditations