Want Something? Just Ask!

How many times have you wanted something but never asked for it? Possibly you have thought the other person involved should already know, or maybe you were waiting to be noticed?

Brave, Success, Achieve, Dream, InspireHave you wanted something from your partner but you have wanted them to just know this – without you telling them? Or have you wanted something at work, such as a raise or promotion but you haven’t ever actually asked for it? Or have you been confused about your direction in life or why something keeps reoccurring for you, but you have never sat quietly, gone inward and asked yourself – asked your own inner knowing?

Now is the time to stop waiting around hoping someone will notice you and give you what you want.

Notice yourself! Do this for you and speak up on your own behalf.

Most likely the other people involved would be happy to help you achieve what you want and yes, sometimes it can seem so obvious that you would want this from your perspective, but maybe it hasn’t been so obvious for them. What if you could be only a few little words away from getting what you really want? Not to mention opening up clearer channels of communication in your relationships.

So go on, be brave and just ask! 


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