Do You Take On Other People’s Energy?

Do you sometimes become aware that after an interaction with someone you can walk away feeling annoyed or agitated? Do you catch yourself constantly thinking about a person or situation for no apparent reason? Does your energy or mood waver so you feel as though you have no control over how you feel? Are you … Continue reading Do You Take On Other People’s Energy?


Want Something? Just Ask!

How many times have you wanted something but never asked for it? Possibly you have thought the other person involved should already know, or maybe you were waiting to be noticed? Have you wanted something from your partner but you have wanted them to just know this - without you telling them? Or have you wanted … Continue reading Want Something? Just Ask!

Challenged Back To Spirit

I was deeply challenged yesterday and for a brief period, I allowed my knowing and my ideas on love and life and soul to be viewed as just fanciful notions. I allowed circumstance to pull me back into the physicality of the human experience and to disconnect me – to disconnect myself from my true … Continue reading Challenged Back To Spirit

Committing: 43 Things

Committing to your goals and dreams, no matter how small they are, is an important step in making them your reality. There is a fabulous site online which I recommend to do exactly that. At 43 Things you list your goals (they can be daily, weekly & yearly) and then this site publishes them out … Continue reading Committing: 43 Things