Do You Take On Other People’s Energy?

Clear Negative Energy, Release, Empath, SensitiveDo you sometimes become aware that after an interaction with someone you can walk away feeling annoyed or agitated? Do you catch yourself constantly thinking about a person or situation for no apparent reason? Does your energy or mood waver so you feel as though you have no control over how you feel? Are you sensitive and aware that you take on emotions and feelings from others?

For a long time I felt as though my moods and emotions were not in my control. I felt as though one moment I could be feeling great, feeling light and happy and then for no apparent reason I would plummet and no longer feel myself. I battled with this for years never understanding what was happening and most of the time feeling as though I was spinning around in an energetic washing machine.

Until I learned about energy and what being sensitive really meant. These days I am much more aware about my energy to the point where I can recognise when I have taken on something that is not mine. I don’t always know where it has come from but that doesn’t matter. The point is to recognise it and as soon as you do – get back to YOU.

How To Tell When You’ve Taken On Energy?

-All of a sudden you feel very tired and catch yourself yawning-Feeling agitated for no particular reason (which may lead you to finding reasons to justify the way you’re feeling)
-Becoming angry out of nowhere
-You just don’t feel yourself
-You feel sad but are unsure why
-You feel low or heavy
-You feel drained of energy
-After you have moved away from someone you can still hear the sound of their voice in your head – as if they are still talking

How Can You Clear or Release Energy?

  • Close your eyes and hold your breath; imagine yourself blowing energy out of the top of your head (crown chakra) as if you are a dolphin blowing from your spout. This tip might sound funny until you try it and feel the incredible release. 🙂
  • Take a few deep breaths into your heart, feel your heart soften as you grow your connection to the love you hold within you. Send love to the energies you have picked up, and also to the source of the energy.
  • Have a shower or a swim and imagine the energies being washed away.
  • Hold a rock or a crystal (or anything from nature) and intend to send the energies into it, sending it with love and gratitude.
  • Close your eyes and connect into your heart, imagine that you can shake your body like a dog getting out of water. Feel how you can shake off the energies and reconnect back into your true self.
  • Burn sage around you and then walk through it.

Try any or all of these clear and releases until you work out which one works best for you. There are many other methods however these are some of the quickest and easiest that I work with for clearing away energy and to use so you can feel yourself again.

The key is to understand that most people don’t even realise that you are picking up their energy and are not doing anything intentionally to cause you harm, pain or discomfort. And the quickest and easiest way to release anything is to move into a place of love.

How do you clear yourself from energies?


Want Something? Just Ask!

How many times have you wanted something but never asked for it? Possibly you have thought the other person involved should already know, or maybe you were waiting to be noticed?

Brave, Success, Achieve, Dream, InspireHave you wanted something from your partner but you have wanted them to just know this – without you telling them? Or have you wanted something at work, such as a raise or promotion but you haven’t ever actually asked for it? Or have you been confused about your direction in life or why something keeps reoccurring for you, but you have never sat quietly, gone inward and asked yourself – asked your own inner knowing?

Now is the time to stop waiting around hoping someone will notice you and give you what you want.

Notice yourself! Do this for you and speak up on your own behalf.

Most likely the other people involved would be happy to help you achieve what you want and yes, sometimes it can seem so obvious that you would want this from your perspective, but maybe it hasn’t been so obvious for them. What if you could be only a few little words away from getting what you really want? Not to mention opening up clearer channels of communication in your relationships.

So go on, be brave and just ask! 

Challenged Back To Spirit

Infinite SoulI was deeply challenged yesterday and for a brief period, I allowed my knowing and my ideas on love and life and soul to be viewed as just fanciful notions. I allowed circumstance to pull me back into the physicality of the human experience and to disconnect me – to disconnect myself from my true self. From Spirit.

Are your spiritual beliefs bound by circumstance? Can you, in one moment, believe that you are love, that you are a soul, only to then in the next moment, reject another because of their beliefs, words or actions? Or reject spirit and love because you have been hurt? Or reject life because another harms you too badly? What are the limits to which you take your spirituality? At what point can you reject the things that today you believe to be true?

I found my limits yesterday, where the pain of human experience could be so bad that I questioned everything. And through questioning and feeling lost and confused I finally saw the situation, the circumstance for what it really was.

I realised that when I am wholly connected with my true self then there are no limits. There is no circumstance so great that I will question everything – when I am my true self. And if there is then I know I am not fully connected with my true self; I am not my true self, I am my body, I am reactive, and I am bound by rules and limitation.

Therefore, I now recognise that if I am experiencing limits to my spirituality, to my self as a soul then this does not mean I need to re-evaluate my beliefs or evaluate the meaning of it all and the pain we can experience, it purely and simply means that I am not wholly connected with my true self. I have steered away and I am not connected.

It is through this awareness of disconnection that I can become whole once more. I can return to my true self and know that I am okay and that everyone is okay, no matter what happens in our physical reality.

Committing: 43 Things

Goals, Goal Setting, Motivation, Inspiration, InspiringCommitting to your goals and dreams, no matter how small they are, is an important step in making them your reality.

There is a fabulous site online which I recommend to do exactly that. At 43 Things you list your goals (they can be daily, weekly & yearly) and then this site publishes them out to all it’s members, holding you accountable whilst also offering you the support of a community.

43 Things keeps track of your goals in a simple format so that you can refer back to them easily. This helps you to keep aligned and focused on your dreams, as well as clearly showing you all of those goals which you have already achieved, which is an incredible confidence booster helping to propel you toward further success. Sometimes it is so easy to forget all of the wonderful things we actually have achieved and remember only the things we said we would do and didn’t or those dreams that we haven’t made any action toward.

Give it a go, commit to at least 3 goals today and don’t just keep them to yourself – share them with the world! You might be surprised how this extra step gives you just the motivation you were looking for!

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