Say Yes With Me

No fear, Say Yes, Positivity, Inspiring, HappyI am both inspired and scared… However right now, inspired is winning and that is why I am writing this, committing my words to ink.

Last night I watched the movie ‘Yes Man’ and was left smiling profusely and buzzing with excited energy racing through my body.

Without thinking too much I declared to the universe that I would say YES to every opportunity, person and experience that came my way over the next 7 days…..and then I got scared and tried to take it back…

I started to bargain with myself; “Well maybe I won’t say yes to everything. And maybe I can do it for 24 hours and not 7 days. Hmm and maybe I won’t tell anyone, I’ll just give it a go and still leave it up to me.”

Come on, seriously? Is that really how I am choosing to live my life? Why is it that I am scared to say yes?

After pondering this question I realised that I was feeling as though the concept of always saying yes was going to take away my ability to control my life, my perogative to decide for myself what is good or right for me in each moment. However this statement and way of thinking contradicts what I thought I believed; deep down I place faith and trust in my higher self and the universe to guide my journey, and I often think that the conscious part of my mind is the last to know what is going on and what is really good for me.

But here I am admitting that there is a part of me that believes the conscious part of my mind actually has the ability to control my life and my experiences.

The part of me that wants to control is the part of me that is scared, the part that is fearful. But right now is a turning point. Upon recognising this I now choose to no longer feed this part of me that is scared.

For the next 7 days I will choose YES – even if it scares me.

Who’s with me?

“The world’s a playground. You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.”Yes Man, 2008


4 thoughts on “Say Yes With Me

    1. Yes! Fantastic! Already today I nearly said no twice… I never realised how often I say no to things. This should definitely prove to be an interesting week! Let me know what you end up saying yes to.


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