Just For Today…

Happiness, Miracle, Kindness, Affirmation
Miraculous Peace

Today I have made a decision. Today, I have decided to choose peace. No matter what occurs in my reality, no matter my external circumstances, I will choose peace. And this is my choice – this is up to me. And if I choose peace, so be it.

I will choose to feel peace in my heart, to breathe into that warm and fuzzy place within me, that place that can feel love for myself and for others.

I will choose peace in my thoughts, I will not think harshly about myself or about others. And if I do, I will know that this is okay, and I will take it as a reminder to once again choose peace. I will not judge myself because of these thoughts, I will just acknowledge them and then remember to choose peace once more.

I will choose peace with my words. I will speak kindly to others and be patient with myself and with them. I will speak kindly to myself. And I will be forgiving of all.

I will remind myself often of my vow. I choose peace, I choose peace, I choose peace.

For today, I choose peace. Will you join me?


4 thoughts on “Just For Today…

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