Say Yes With Me

No fear, Say Yes, Positivity, Inspiring, HappyI am both inspired and scared… However right now, inspired is winning and that is why I am writing this, committing my words to ink.

Last night I watched the movie ‘Yes Man’ and was left smiling profusely and buzzing with excited energy racing through my body.

Without thinking too much I declared to the universe that I would say YES to every opportunity, person and experience that came my way over the next 7 days…..and then I got scared and tried to take it back…

I started to bargain with myself; “Well maybe I won’t say yes to everything. And maybe I can do it for 24 hours and not 7 days. Hmm and maybe I won’t tell anyone, I’ll just give it a go and still leave it up to me.”

Come on, seriously? Is that really how I am choosing to live my life? Why is it that I am scared to say yes?

After pondering this question I realised that I was feeling as though the concept of always saying yes was going to take away my ability to control my life, my perogative to decide for myself what is good or right for me in each moment. However this statement and way of thinking contradicts what I thought I believed; deep down I place faith and trust in my higher self and the universe to guide my journey, and I often think that the conscious part of my mind is the last to know what is going on and what is really good for me.

But here I am admitting that there is a part of me that believes the conscious part of my mind actually has the ability to control my life and my experiences.

The part of me that wants to control is the part of me that is scared, the part that is fearful. But right now is a turning point. Upon recognising this I now choose to no longer feed this part of me that is scared.

For the next 7 days I will choose YES – even if it scares me.

Who’s with me?

“The world’s a playground. You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.”Yes Man, 2008


Kindness Sky High

Act of Kindness, Love, Inspiring, Uplifting, Last week I was on a business holiday flying from Wellington, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia. This flight wasn’t a long, only three and a half hours and I was seated next to a lady holding a crying, red-faced baby.

The baby was relentless. She had cried ever since our tyres had left the runway. I didn’t mind though as thankfully I could tune out from the crying and into something else, however her mum was struggling.

As the time ticked by her mother’s face grew tired and, just like her baby’s, was turning different shades of red as she was tried everything to calm her baby.

Then to her (and my own) dismay, an angel appeared. A fight attendant bent down and with a kind face and a smile offered to take her baby for a while so her mum could rest.

Really?”  Was the only response this weary mum could muster.

Gallantly the flight attendant scooped the baby up and whisked her down to the back of the plane, where she held and played with her for almost 30 minutes! I was astounded by her kindness and I could feel the relief of the mother beside me.

Not too long after this beautiful display of kindness, something else melted my heart. The row in front of me seated a family of three who had attempted to buy meals on-board, however as they didn’t have a credit card they were refused. The policy is credit card only, no cash, no debit card.

A lady strode up to their aisle clutching containers in her hands.

“Would you like these meals?” She had made them specifically for her flight however was now offering them to the family.

Once again a look of disbelief and then delight filled the faces of the family, and they graciously accepted the food. Between thank you’s they relayed a story about how they were so hungry even before they had boarded this flight, however there was no time to buy anything because they had to race so quickly from a connecting flight and had only just made it.

The rest of the flight I basked in my love of people. I was buzzing and feeling so good, thinking about a deep belief I hold that people are all essentially good inside. Some bury it under hurt, anger and pain, however some people that are connected to their own innate goodness allow their love and light to overflow and spill out into our world, touching and altering the lives of others, and inspiring people to connect to their own love and goodness.

Just For Today…

Happiness, Miracle, Kindness, Affirmation
Miraculous Peace

Today I have made a decision. Today, I have decided to choose peace. No matter what occurs in my reality, no matter my external circumstances, I will choose peace. And this is my choice – this is up to me. And if I choose peace, so be it.

I will choose to feel peace in my heart, to breathe into that warm and fuzzy place within me, that place that can feel love for myself and for others.

I will choose peace in my thoughts, I will not think harshly about myself or about others. And if I do, I will know that this is okay, and I will take it as a reminder to once again choose peace. I will not judge myself because of these thoughts, I will just acknowledge them and then remember to choose peace once more.

I will choose peace with my words. I will speak kindly to others and be patient with myself and with them. I will speak kindly to myself. And I will be forgiving of all.

I will remind myself often of my vow. I choose peace, I choose peace, I choose peace.

For today, I choose peace. Will you join me?

Create Your Ideal Life

Ideal Live Vision, Manifest, Dream Life, Success, Happy
My Ideal Life

What does your ideal life look like? What would you be doing? Where would you be living? How do you spend your days?

Now, this is taking into account after the buzz of having millions of dollars and lazing around doing nothing has worn off… This is your dream life, in reality. So even if you do have millions, how do you earn your money? How would you want to spend your time? What would bring fulfillment into your life? What would you be doing if purpose, passion and fun became your daily reality?


What if I told you, the biggest obstacle preventing you from living your ideal life was the fact that you don’t know what it looks like?

Most of us can easily describe what we don’t want, we don’t want our current job / debt / flat / partner / even life, but when people are asked what they actually DO want they draw a blank.

You can’t manifest what you don’t know you want.

Have a think now. Take a moment to daydream and begin to picture your ideal life.

Flesh it out a little.. How do you look? What are you doing with your time? Are you working for someone else, or working for yourself? Is this your current business or something new? Where do you live? What fulfills you? What do you do for fun?

You will need to check in on your ideal life vision quite a lot, adding more detail each time you go there. And remember – the more you let yourself visualise your ideal life the easier it will become and doing this will actually help you to discover what you really want to be doing, and how you want to be living.

Dive in, take the plunge and dream! This is your first major step…to living your ideal life!