Say Yes With Me

I am both inspired and scared... However right now, inspired is winning and that is why I am writing this, committing my words to ink. Last night I watched the movie 'Yes Man' and was left smiling profusely and buzzing with excited energy racing through my body. Without thinking too much I declared to the … Continue reading Say Yes With Me


Kindness Sky High

Last week I was on a business holiday flying from Wellington, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia. This flight wasn't a long, only three and a half hours and I was seated next to a lady holding a crying, red-faced baby. The baby was relentless. She had cried ever since our tyres had left the runway. … Continue reading Kindness Sky High

Just For Today…

Today I have made a decision. Today, I have decided to choose peace. No matter what occurs in my reality, no matter my external circumstances, I will choose peace. And this is my choice - this is up to me. And if I choose peace, so be it. I will choose to feel peace in … Continue reading Just For Today…

Create Your Ideal Life

What does your ideal life look like? What would you be doing? Where would you be living? How do you spend your days? Now, this is taking into account after the buzz of having millions of dollars and lazing around doing nothing has worn off... This is your dream life, in reality. So even if … Continue reading Create Your Ideal Life