Experience: Distance Healing (part II)

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Image by Autumn Skye

I was informed my Abundance Healing would take place over the weekend and on Sunday evening I had a strong feeling that something was going on. I felt buzzing and tingling right through my body which was quite amazing as I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, and I had actually been feeling quite tired. As the buzzing and tingling increased I felt a surge of energy rush through my body, this energy felt light and fun and I felt like laughing for no reason!

The next morning I went to my computer and was greeted by an email from Spirit Matters stating the healing had taken place the evening prior (the same time that I had felt the tingling and big surge in energy). She also relayed details of the healing, which I have copied into this post:

“I have completed your abundance healing. Your healing was indescribable…very moving and amazingly beautiful. Thank you for the experience! A bit of information was brought forwards from the healing. Please take on the parts that resonate for you, the rest may make sense at a later date.

Sharon, I could see you in a long gown from the 1500’s era with a corset/bustier at around the age of 30… This is the era that your belief was borne. You squandered away a lot of money on materialistic pleasures. Your spending had a negative impact on your family back then. You felt deep remorse and guilt about the situation that unfolded. You carried through with you, the belief that you don’t deserve financial abundance. That lifetime has given you the ability to show great compassion to those less fortunate than yourself as back then you wouldn’t give help to those in need. Your belief was very deeply ingrained. I managed to release you from the bonds of that past lifetime. Abundance will flow easily – keep an eye on restricting thoughts.

You will see significant changes, not only financially, in the next two weeks. Let what is rightfully yours flow in without question – allow all manners of abundance to present itself to you uninhibited.”

I can feel the way I view myself and the world has shifted and it’s strange but I no longer feel an underlying sense of lack. I first noticed this shift yesterday when I received a call regarding Google Advertising. In the past I have wanted to promote my business on Google yet have never wanted (or felt able) to spend any money on it. I always thought I didn’t have enough, or even if I did that I needed it for something else… However, when the Rep phoned me out of the blue yesterday, I felt the amount of money wasn’t even very much, and that it’s a great investment! It just didn’t feel like a big deal, even though in the past, I wouldn’t have even spoken to the company, especially after knowing the amount they wanted for the campaign. This experience was totally different to my usual attitude towards money.

As well as my shift in attitude, I have been received about 3 times as many bookings for one-on-one sessions! I have made more bookings in the past 24 hours than I had in the past two weeks, and now my diary is almost full!

I am really surprised at the impact this healing has had on my life already, and I am excited to see what else occurs within the next two weeks. I will post part III at that time.

**If you would like to find out more about Spirit Matters visit her Facebook Page.
Note: This article has not been commissioned by the healer, and Spirit Matters currently offers her services for energy exchange only, meaning there is no financial investment required at this stage. Although by my experience I am sure this will change in the very near future!!


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