It’s Okay To Love Money

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Love Money

I used to feel quite proud that I was not money oriented. That I was not driven by money. I was on the pursuit of happiness which would be gained through a life of helping people, as well as through loving and accepting myself. I have worked on happiness through both of these avenues and have reached a beautiful place. I have established a full-time career of helping people, as well as feeling internal peace and joy as I accept and love myself as fully as I can. I have grown to feel very rich indeed.

This was a dream come true. Until recently I have come to realise that I would like to do more than just pay my bills and survive in my chosen profession. Making this decision has highlighted some limiting beliefs that I still hold, one of which being that I have held the belief that you can’t have both; a career of helping people as well as money. And another belief which has emerged, that it is wrong to want / like / love money.

After gaining the awareness of these restrictive beliefs that I hold around money, I am now bringing money into alignment with my ideal self. And through this I recognise that money is just another energy on this planet, it holds a vibration and I hold a vibration toward it. I now know that the vibration I hold toward money has been completely out of alignment with my ideal vibration. And what I mean by ideal vibration is that I strive to be the vibration of love. I try as best I can to embody love in everything I do, everyday. To feel love toward every person whom I come in contact with or even think about, to feel love toward myself, to feel love and appreciation toward my table, my home, the food I eat… Well, you get the drift.

If this is my ultimate – to feel love, to be love, then why do I think it’s okay to not love money?

I have sat with this question and know now without a doubt, that it’s not okay. Money could simply be another person, place or thing, however just like you can do with many anything, with money I have attached a lot of baggage to it and limiting beliefs… And I have let money slip by hidden under a self-righteous umbrella to telling myself that you can’t have both; a life of helping people and money, and that’s it’s not okay to love money.

If I wish to truly embody love, then I will hold the vibration of love for anything and everything. And that includes money.

For two weeks I have decided to work with the following mantra.

I love money! I love money! I love money!

What is your relationship with money? And how does this need to be updated?


9 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Love Money

  1. I love this posting… and your see magic in everything… thanku for your lovely website πŸ™‚

    Im at this stage in my life too where i recognise and accept that having money means working with the universal laws and observing the paradyms we hold from conditioning, including society… bring money on, i love money too and i love giving it and buying things with it to help others! We live in a world where we need money to do what we want… we can help more people by sharing our wealth and helping abundance to flow πŸ™‚ x


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