See Magic In Everything

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Glow Worm Cave, NZ

Last night I was exhausted. I was feeling sore and grumpy from a long day and decided to have a shower. The water was soothing and almost immediately I started to feel better. A cool breeze ran over my face which felt refreshing, until I realised I didn’t have a window or door opened. I turned my head to face where the breeze was coming from, and felt it again!

As I stood there perplexed, a beautiful woman appeared as a vision. She was wearing a long white dress and had long white hair. I asked her who she was and she said she was me. Surprisingly in that moment I wasn’t at all confused by her response and continued our conversation. I asked if she had a message for me, to which she gently whispered the words;

“See magic in everything! See magic in everything!”

As these words lingered in my mind I turned my head slightly toward the water rushing from the shower head. As I stared at the water pouring down toward me it was as if I was standing straight on in a gushing river and it was beautiful. It was like I was seeing water for the very first time. It was shimmering and illuminated, and the experience was magnificent!

I turned my head once more and something shiny on the shower wall caught my attention. What I figured was a tiny droplet of water on the wall now appeared as a shining star. I could distinctly see tiny beams of light shooting off from it in all directions and I felt that it was shining right back at me.

Has there always been this much beauty in the world?

And I knew that this was exactly what she was talking about; See Magic In Everything! I am often so busy trying to see physical manifestations from spirit; wanting to physically see spirits, guides and angels, that I had been missing what was already there.

Magic is already on display for everyone to see. And I had been missing it!


7 thoughts on “See Magic In Everything

  1. I like it. Your message reminds me of “To look at everything always as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time. Thus is your time on Earth filled with glory.” (Betty Smith) I love it when I remember to do this; it’s truly amazing.


    1. Hi Randee, yes it really is!! If only we can remember it enough that it becomes our way of thinking / seeing, then we truly can live a magical life!
      Have a great day seeing everything for the first time 🙂


  2. H etairia Daulos einai mia 100%
    ellhnikh etairia pou drasthriopoieitai ston tomea ths
    ylotomhshs kai epeksergasias ksylou, kathws kai sth xondrikh
    kai lianikh pwlhsh tou. Me synexh parousia sthn Ellhnikh kai
    Evrwpaikh agora apo to 1975, o Davlos synergazetai me ta
    megalytera ellhnika kai evrwpaika dasarxeia, analamvanontas
    thn ylotomhsh kai syllogh ksyleias.


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