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A Dare For You

Sneaky Gratitude

Sneaky Gratitude

I dare you to express gratitude for someone, but not to their face. Be creative and express your appreciation for that person in a way that will impact their life even more than just saying thank you to them personally.

Some suggestions include; phone your local coffee shop and speak to the manager, tell the manager how lovely the girl/guy is who serves you coffee each morning. Tell them that this person is an asset to their business and that they make your day brighter.

Or, speak to your manager about how helpful another member of your team has been, expressing how this person always goes out of their way to help without seeking anything in return.

Or, call your local supermarket, explain to the manager how great your cashier was and that you’d like your thanks and appreciation passed on.

Now imagine for a moment you were on the receiving end of this random act of appreciation. Feels good, doesn’t it? Knowing someone went out of their way to appreciate you, knowing that you positively impacted someone’s day.

What act of sneaky gratitude can you do today? I bet you’re even starting to feel good right now just thinking about what you could do!


2 comments on “A Dare For You

  1. katphillipsnz
    September 5, 2013

    Great idea and something people should do often!

    My sneaky gratitude has been sent. I emailed the team at work to say thanks to one of the staff who keeps us all organised and everything running smoothly. I’m not sure she’s even seen it yet as she’s still busy organising everyone! ;0)


  2. eTherapySite
    September 5, 2013

    Oh how lovely!! That is so exciting, thanks for sharing Kat! And how good does it feel to know you’ve done that for someone else?! I bet you’ve just made her day!


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