Take A Holiday

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Tosua Ocean Trench, Samoa

Spend a minute or two looking at this photo; then close your eyes, breathe and take yourself there.

Immerse your entire body in the water, jump off the platform, float in the water looking up at the trees and sky!

And know that you can take yourself there whenever you choose.



Vital Tip For Success

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One Small Step

In my books this is the single best piece of advice to ensure you manifest your dreams into your reality. This advice is simple (like most wisdom) and states that by discovering and aligning your inner desires with your thoughts, and also with your actions, you will see incredible changes occur in your life. You will see your heart’s desires manifest into your reality.

Desire = Thoughts = Actions

After you have read this, spend one day viewing your life from a state of observation and awareness. Become aware of what it is that you want (your desire), how you think about yourself and what you want (your thoughts) and what you do throughout the day (your actions). Most likely you’ll quickly realise that these three important aspects are almost never all in alignment.

You may have a good idea, one which is stemming from your heart but then you think about it for too long and talk yourself out of it. Or maybe you have a great idea and think you can really do it, even mapping out the first steps, but then decide to watch a bit of telly, go on facebook for a while and before you know it it’s time for dinner and after that you are too tired to do anything productive.

String a few days together similar to this one and there you have it; years of your life where everything stays mostly the same, with your great ideas in your heart and your head, and no reflection of your inner magic in your life.

Now you are aware of this, start a fresh day with writing down one or two of your heart’s desires, no matter how small or large. Think about them in a productive, confidence boosting and empowering way with words and visualisations, and then action them. Make at least small one action in alignment with your desires and your thoughts, and very shortly you will begin to see your life blossom.

Educate Me: Daydreaming

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Daydream Here

Did you know that daydreaming is a form of meditation?

All of those hours spent staring out of classroom windows through school were actually serving a purpose! Keeping you calm, peaceful and stress-free, as well as activating and exercising your creativity and visualisation skills.

When you’re daydreaming your brainwaves change and shift into alpha and also sometimes even into theta state. These are the same brainwave patterns reached during mindfulness meditation, silencing your mind, theta healing, hypnosis, transcendental meditation, shamanic journeying meditation and more.

The benefits gained when your brainwaves slow down are many and varied, including vivid visualisations, great inspiration, profound creativity, exceptional insight and higher perspectives reached as well as the ability to discover and change limiting beliefs that you hold. Not to mention the benefits which ripple out through your day-to-day life, including reduction in stress and anxiety, increased clarity and focus, enhanced creativity, and increased energy and vitality.

Every time we slip effortlessly into a daydream, a distinct pattern of brain areas is activated, which is known as the default network. Studies show that this network is most engaged when people are performing tasks that require little conscious attention, such as routine driving on the highway or reading a tedious text. Although such mental trances are often seen as a sign of lethargy – we are staring haplessly into space – the cortex is actually very active during this default state, as numerous brain regions interact. Instead of responding to the outside world, the brain starts to contemplate its internal landscape. This is when new and creative connections are made between seemingly unrelated ideas.” Says Dr. Marcus Raichle, a neurologist and radiologist at Washington University who was one of the first scientists to locate the default network in the brain.

“When you don’t use a muscle, that muscle really isn’t doing much of anything. But when your brain is supposedly doing nothing and daydreaming, it’s really doing a tremendous amount. We call it the ‘resting state,’ but the brain isn’t resting at all.”

Give it a try now, let your eyes glaze over and imagine…visualise….and….DAYDREAM! See where your mind takes you.

Experience: Distance Healing (part II)

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Image by Autumn Skye

I was informed my Abundance Healing would take place over the weekend and on Sunday evening I had a strong feeling that something was going on. I felt buzzing and tingling right through my body which was quite amazing as I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, and I had actually been feeling quite tired. As the buzzing and tingling increased I felt a surge of energy rush through my body, this energy felt light and fun and I felt like laughing for no reason!

The next morning I went to my computer and was greeted by an email from Spirit Matters stating the healing had taken place the evening prior (the same time that I had felt the tingling and big surge in energy). She also relayed details of the healing, which I have copied into this post:

“I have completed your abundance healing. Your healing was indescribable…very moving and amazingly beautiful. Thank you for the experience! A bit of information was brought forwards from the healing. Please take on the parts that resonate for you, the rest may make sense at a later date.

Sharon, I could see you in a long gown from the 1500’s era with a corset/bustier at around the age of 30… This is the era that your belief was borne. You squandered away a lot of money on materialistic pleasures. Your spending had a negative impact on your family back then. You felt deep remorse and guilt about the situation that unfolded. You carried through with you, the belief that you don’t deserve financial abundance. That lifetime has given you the ability to show great compassion to those less fortunate than yourself as back then you wouldn’t give help to those in need. Your belief was very deeply ingrained. I managed to release you from the bonds of that past lifetime. Abundance will flow easily – keep an eye on restricting thoughts.

You will see significant changes, not only financially, in the next two weeks. Let what is rightfully yours flow in without question – allow all manners of abundance to present itself to you uninhibited.”

I can feel the way I view myself and the world has shifted and it’s strange but I no longer feel an underlying sense of lack. I first noticed this shift yesterday when I received a call regarding Google Advertising. In the past I have wanted to promote my business on Google yet have never wanted (or felt able) to spend any money on it. I always thought I didn’t have enough, or even if I did that I needed it for something else… However, when the Rep phoned me out of the blue yesterday, I felt the amount of money wasn’t even very much, and that it’s a great investment! It just didn’t feel like a big deal, even though in the past, I wouldn’t have even spoken to the company, especially after knowing the amount they wanted for the campaign. This experience was totally different to my usual attitude towards money.

As well as my shift in attitude, I have been received about 3 times as many bookings for one-on-one sessions! I have made more bookings in the past 24 hours than I had in the past two weeks, and now my diary is almost full!

I am really surprised at the impact this healing has had on my life already, and I am excited to see what else occurs within the next two weeks. I will post part III at that time.

**If you would like to find out more about Spirit Matters visit her Facebook Page.
Note: This article has not been commissioned by the healer, and Spirit Matters currently offers her services for energy exchange only, meaning there is no financial investment required at this stage. Although by my experience I am sure this will change in the very near future!!

It’s Okay To Love Money

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Love Money

I used to feel quite proud that I was not money oriented. That I was not driven by money. I was on the pursuit of happiness which would be gained through a life of helping people, as well as through loving and accepting myself. I have worked on happiness through both of these avenues and have reached a beautiful place. I have established a full-time career of helping people, as well as feeling internal peace and joy as I accept and love myself as fully as I can. I have grown to feel very rich indeed.

This was a dream come true. Until recently I have come to realise that I would like to do more than just pay my bills and survive in my chosen profession. Making this decision has highlighted some limiting beliefs that I still hold, one of which being that I have held the belief that you can’t have both; a career of helping people as well as money. And another belief which has emerged, that it is wrong to want / like / love money.

After gaining the awareness of these restrictive beliefs that I hold around money, I am now bringing money into alignment with my ideal self. And through this I recognise that money is just another energy on this planet, it holds a vibration and I hold a vibration toward it. I now know that the vibration I hold toward money has been completely out of alignment with my ideal vibration. And what I mean by ideal vibration is that I strive to be the vibration of love. I try as best I can to embody love in everything I do, everyday. To feel love toward every person whom I come in contact with or even think about, to feel love toward myself, to feel love and appreciation toward my table, my home, the food I eat… Well, you get the drift.

If this is my ultimate – to feel love, to be love, then why do I think it’s okay to not love money?

I have sat with this question and know now without a doubt, that it’s not okay. Money could simply be another person, place or thing, however just like you can do with many anything, with money I have attached a lot of baggage to it and limiting beliefs… And I have let money slip by hidden under a self-righteous umbrella to telling myself that you can’t have both; a life of helping people and money, and that’s it’s not okay to love money.

If I wish to truly embody love, then I will hold the vibration of love for anything and everything. And that includes money.

For two weeks I have decided to work with the following mantra.

I love money! I love money! I love money!

What is your relationship with money? And how does this need to be updated?

Experience: Distance Healing

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Spirit Matters

This week I am going to experience a distance healing for Abundance. A distance healing is performed by a practitioner who is in a different physical location to the client, however under the guise that energy knows no boundaries and that healings can be just as powerful without even needing to be in the same room as the client – or even the same country!

This is my first Distance Healing for Abundance so I thought it would be fun and interesting to document my experience and share it with you all, so we can gain an understanding of what healings are all about together, as well as you will share in the experience from the client’s perspective.

The practitioner conducting my healing is a gifted Psychic/Medium/Healer called Spirit Matters. Spirit Matters offers distance healings to people all over the world, and works with higher beings, angels and guides to channel the healing. I will write about my experience in three parts; an article before the healing, one soon afterwards, and then the final chapter two or so weeks down the track.

In preparation for the receiving this energy healing I completed a short process in order to set myself up for receiving a distance healing. To do this I sat in a quiet place and closed my eyes, breathing deeply I began to repeat a statement of permission, granting Spirit Matters full permission to send healing to me on all levels; Mind, Body & Soul. I also set the intention to be fully open to receiving. I repeated different statements such as ‘I am open to receiving’ and ‘I intend to receive healing on all levels’. Finally, I completed this meditation by sending thanks and gratitude to Spirit Matters for the healing.

None of this is required to receive an energy healing, however I intuitively felt this would help me gain the most from the experience.

Stay tuned for the 2nd installment later on this week, which will detail what I experienced and felt during the healing and in the days immediately afterward.

For more about Spirit Matters visit her Facebook Page by clicking here.
Note: this article is in no way commissioned by the practitioner.

See Magic In Everything

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Glow Worm Cave, NZ

Last night I was exhausted. I was feeling sore and grumpy from a long day and decided to have a shower. The water was soothing and almost immediately I started to feel better. A cool breeze ran over my face which felt refreshing, until I realised I didn’t have a window or door opened. I turned my head to face where the breeze was coming from, and felt it again!

As I stood there perplexed, a beautiful woman appeared as a vision. She was wearing a long white dress and had long white hair. I asked her who she was and she said she was me. Surprisingly in that moment I wasn’t at all confused by her response and continued our conversation. I asked if she had a message for me, to which she gently whispered the words;

“See magic in everything! See magic in everything!”

As these words lingered in my mind I turned my head slightly toward the water rushing from the shower head. As I stared at the water pouring down toward me it was as if I was standing straight on in a gushing river and it was beautiful. It was like I was seeing water for the very first time. It was shimmering and illuminated, and the experience was magnificent!

I turned my head once more and something shiny on the shower wall caught my attention. What I figured was a tiny droplet of water on the wall now appeared as a shining star. I could distinctly see tiny beams of light shooting off from it in all directions and I felt that it was shining right back at me.

Has there always been this much beauty in the world?

And I knew that this was exactly what she was talking about; See Magic In Everything! I am often so busy trying to see physical manifestations from spirit; wanting to physically see spirits, guides and angels, that I had been missing what was already there.

Magic is already on display for everyone to see. And I had been missing it!

A Dare For You

Sneaky Gratitude
Sneaky Gratitude

I dare you to express gratitude for someone, but not to their face. Be creative and express your appreciation for that person in a way that will impact their life even more than just saying thank you to them personally.

Some suggestions include; phone your local coffee shop and speak to the manager, tell the manager how lovely the girl/guy is who serves you coffee each morning. Tell them that this person is an asset to their business and that they make your day brighter.

Or, speak to your manager about how helpful another member of your team has been, expressing how this person always goes out of their way to help without seeking anything in return.

Or, call your local supermarket, explain to the manager how great your cashier was and that you’d like your thanks and appreciation passed on.

Now imagine for a moment you were on the receiving end of this random act of appreciation. Feels good, doesn’t it? Knowing someone went out of their way to appreciate you, knowing that you positively impacted someone’s day.

What act of sneaky gratitude can you do today? I bet you’re even starting to feel good right now just thinking about what you could do!

How Much Are You Worth?

How Much Are You Worth?

I was speaking to a friend the other day and she told me a story about a time when she was given $100,000. She told me that in just over a year she had whittled it down to $10,000. This is where it stayed for the next year, hovering a little over and a little under, but always around $10,000. She explained this by saying;

“I was just never comfortable with the $100,000 or anything over $10,000. I never felt I was worth anything more than $10,000 so I didn’t feel comfortable with it. It never really felt like my money until it was down to $10,000. I don’t even know what I spent it all on, as I was still working during this period, but little by little the money went.”

As she relayed this story to me I winced when she said how much she is comfortable with and how much she thinks she is worth. I understood what she was talking about but the part that made me cringe the most was that I knew straight away that I am only comfortable with a few hundred dollars.

And for some time now, no matter how much I am earning there are always equal the amount of debts to pay off, leaving my account teetering around a few hundred dollars. And now I know why.

I only feel as though I am worth a few hundred dollars….

How much are you worth?