Thank You, More Please!

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Thank You, More Please!

I first heard about this concept in a movie by the same title. Thank You, More Please is a simple yet powerful statement that you can project out to the universe, one in which you offer gratitude for your life and everything that occurs within it. However by using this particular statement you go even further than standard gratitude. You say thank you and then you ask for more!

Even when life doesn’t turn out exactly as you intended, you firmly state your appreciation and then ask for more. This encourages a powerful frame of mind of acceptance for whatever comes your way and also helps to raise your mood and vibration. By regularly using this statement you will feel stronger and more empowered, paving the way for you to live a bold and outgoing life.

When you are not accepting life as it is and even reject life, everything can become much more difficult, you can feel as though the world is a hard place, and that life (and often people) are generally out to get you.

When you accept life everything becomes easier and more enjoyable – even if your outside circumstances don’t appear to change. You change.

So the next time something happens in your life, whether you perceive it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ why not say to the universe ‘bring it on, I can handle anything, this is my life and I choose to enjoy it’  by saying;

“Thank You, More Please. Thank You, More Please. Thank You, More Please.”


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