I Don’t Deserve Love…

Cont. from Aug 4 post…

The tricky thing is though you have to think so yourself. Well, that’s not 100% true. At least a part of you has to believe that you deserve love and the good news is everyone has a part of them that knows they deserve love. Everyone has a part within them that already does love them fully and wholly. And this can exist even if you have a bigger part within you that thinks that you’re not.

Humans are interesting creatures in that at any one time we can live with contradicting thoughts within us. Contradicting beliefs about yourself, contradicting goals, opposing outcomes that you are wanting to occur.

Take a moment now to think about something that has been on your mind, such as a conflict you are having with someone, a goal you’re working towards, where you want to go on holidays etc. And now allow your mind to find all of the outcomes you want for this… Is there only one single outcome, or do you have many variations that you would like?

Some more and some less, but more than one. Well this is the same as the beliefs you hold about yourself and the world. A part of you can believe that you are not worthy of love, or that you are unlovable, and at the same time another part of you can believe that you are. Often if the limiting part has grown so big we don’t even realise that the other part exists.

Take a moment now to find that part within you that knows that you are worthy, knows you deserve love. Where can you feel that part within you? Does it sit in your chest, or stomach, or even all the way down in your toe? Now see if you can feel that part. What does it feel like when you breathe into it? Now what about expanding it, can you grow it?

What would it be like if you connected in with that part everyday, if you fed that belief? If you really knew you deserved love?


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