Thank You, More Please!

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Thank You, More Please!

I first heard about this concept in a movie by the same title. Thank You, More Please is a simple yet powerful statement that you can project out to the universe, one in which you offer gratitude for your life and everything that occurs within it. However by using this particular statement you go even further than standard gratitude. You say thank you and then you ask for more!

Even when life doesn’t turn out exactly as you intended, you firmly state your appreciation and then ask for more. This encourages a powerful frame of mind of acceptance for whatever comes your way and also helps to raise your mood and vibration. By regularly using this statement you will feel stronger and more empowered, paving the way for you to live a bold and outgoing life.

When you are not accepting life as it is and even reject life, everything can become much more difficult, you can feel as though the world is a hard place, and that life (and often people) are generally out to get you.

When you accept life everything becomes easier and more enjoyable – even if your outside circumstances don’t appear to change. You change.

So the next time something happens in your life, whether you perceive it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ why not say to the universe ‘bring it on, I can handle anything, this is my life and I choose to enjoy it’  by saying;

“Thank You, More Please. Thank You, More Please. Thank You, More Please.”


The Best Weight-loss Method

Weight-loss, lose weightThe fastest way to lose weight that I have experienced is …love. I know you might switch off fast when you hear this as the answer, but it gets results.

If you are like most of my clients, you have already exhausted every diet, fad, regime, and tablet that is out there for weight loss and experienced either temporary weight-loss only to regain it, or no noticeable change what so ever. Then you become desperate and open to trying anything….

That’s where I come in! I have used this myself and with many clients to help them lose weight. And you might be surprised to hear; with great success! I work with clients who enjoy weight slipping away while they are not even focusing on it.

Seriously, what have you got to lose? You try love, worse case scenario you feel better about yourself! Best case scenario, you feel better about yourself, experience more energy, joy, motivation AND you lose weight!

Start with embracing all the parts of your body. You don’t have to fully believe each statement at the start, but just do it anyway. Start with your feet, and love your feet. Stare at them and say that you accept them, that you like them – that you even LOVE them! Find reasons why you love your feet and say that too!

Little by little work your way up your body, you might look at yourself in the mirror or down at your body in the shower or a bath and express your acceptance and love for your physical body. Soon enough you’ll be looking at your jiggling belly and saying “I love how soft you are” and “I love how you reflect my eating habits” and “I love my jiggly belly exactly as it is”.

Notice how you feel as you do this. Notice a smile creeping onto your face, and a light joyous even blissful feeling you create as you begin to embrace and enjoy your body exactly as it is.

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Be Happy, Now…

Be Happy, Now...Imagine if it all really was that simple, that you could just choose to be happy, feel great about yourself and your life exactly as it is right now…

Why not give it a go; take a deep breath in and accept everything about yourself and your life exactly as it is right now. Then breathe out and choose to feel peaceful.

Do this as many times as you can today and see how you feel.

I Don’t Deserve Love…

Cont. from Aug 4 post…

The tricky thing is though you have to think so yourself. Well, that’s not 100% true. At least a part of you has to believe that you deserve love and the good news is everyone has a part of them that knows they deserve love. Everyone has a part within them that already does love them fully and wholly. And this can exist even if you have a bigger part within you that thinks that you’re not.

Humans are interesting creatures in that at any one time we can live with contradicting thoughts within us. Contradicting beliefs about yourself, contradicting goals, opposing outcomes that you are wanting to occur.

Take a moment now to think about something that has been on your mind, such as a conflict you are having with someone, a goal you’re working towards, where you want to go on holidays etc. And now allow your mind to find all of the outcomes you want for this… Is there only one single outcome, or do you have many variations that you would like?

Some more and some less, but more than one. Well this is the same as the beliefs you hold about yourself and the world. A part of you can believe that you are not worthy of love, or that you are unlovable, and at the same time another part of you can believe that you are. Often if the limiting part has grown so big we don’t even realise that the other part exists.

Take a moment now to find that part within you that knows that you are worthy, knows you deserve love. Where can you feel that part within you? Does it sit in your chest, or stomach, or even all the way down in your toe? Now see if you can feel that part. What does it feel like when you breathe into it? Now what about expanding it, can you grow it?

What would it be like if you connected in with that part everyday, if you fed that belief? If you really knew you deserved love?

Do You Deserve Love?

Do you deserve to be loved? Have you done things in your life you would consider bad? Hurtful? Wrong? Well the answer is still yes you do.

It is always Yes.

Every single person on this planet deserves to be loved. There is nothing that you can do that is too bad to render you undeserving of love.

You can’t make other people love you but you can always love yourself.

And by loving yourself you open up the door to allow other people to love you too.