Do Affirmations Work?

My initial answer to this question is no. The reason being that people mostly attempt to use other people's affirmations, saying them to themselves each day and seeing no results. Then they throw the concept of affirmations out the window altogether. This is when affirmations don't work. The reason these don't work is because they … Continue reading Do Affirmations Work?


Appreciate Me!

It occurred to me recently that I had become that person who repeats that cool thing I did last week, just in case you didn't hear the first time... The person that once again squeezes into conversation that good deed I did or the idea that I came up with - emphasizing the 'I'.... I … Continue reading Appreciate Me!

Quick Test: Do You Love Yourself?

How would you respond if someone asked you right now; Do you love yourself? Sure, um yes... I think... This was my response all those years ago when I was first asked this question. These days my answer is very different. Now, I respond with a firm YES! A confident answer with the ability to … Continue reading Quick Test: Do You Love Yourself?